1st day 400 kr. So only 1 day costs 400 kr.
2 days will be 750 kr
3 days 1100 kr.
4 days 1450 kr.
5 days 1800 kr.
6 days 2150 kr.
7 days 2150 kr.
In addition to 7 days + 350kr / day.

Minibuses 650 kr / day
3900 kr / week. Minimum age 21 years on buses.

Including deductible reduction (can be removed).

We keep the same prices all year round.

Free miles (on Gotland)

Insurance is included in all prices.

Self-refundable without insurance: 4000 kr.

Self-refundable with insurance: 1000 kr.

A special “youth payroll” of 1,500 SEK will be added if the driver is under 24 years of age and is responsible for traffic damage.

NOTE! You may NOT use the car for Exercise Driving without permission from us. Insurance Question!